Morgan Goerke Commission

Morgan Goerke Commission

  • 70” x 55” commission/ whole piece

  • Her favorite piece is the one at Ramirez Tran (LOVES layers of the piece)

  • Really likes the idea of an outline of a woman (per my husbands request) with layered colors on top.

  • Loves the colors of Knowing (deep purple) but not sure if colors will go in the room.

  • like the pieces that have a subtle soft background color.

  • In terms of colors, I would like you to select what you feel like would look best in the space.

  • ideally if the women’s silhouette is recognizable - we would want her pose to be strong and confident rather than soft and demure.

  • CC 2.9% transaction fee

  • Commission price: $7,100


Shipping: $350

Framing: $1,045

2.9% cc charge included

  • all sales final

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